We will develop digital product MVP in a 4 weeks

We will develop digital product MVP in a 4 weeks

We will help you:

In developing UX-strategy
You will become aware of your target audience, its interests, needs, pains and goals. You will have step-by-step instructions on how to market the product so they would want to use it.
Every user of the warehouse management system will get what he/she needs:

Warehouseman must find the goods quickly ─ we have a barcode scanner for him or her (not all tasks are covered via interface).
Manager organizes goods shipping ─ we will establish convenient recording system to monitor warehouse workload.
Sales department lead needs concise and clear understanding of statistics for company's turnover ─ we will plug-in a dashboard with all indicators straight into the interface.

Develop the user interface design

You will get easy-to-work intuitive design. A user wouldn’t even have to think what buttons to press — all elements are exactly there where he expects them to be.
For example: it is important that all major buttons would always be in the attention focus. We have an experience of more than 5 years in this niche and so we know what mistakes should be avoided upon designing interface.

Develop a product

Rapid prototype, front-end, turn-key development ─ you don’t have to look for a contractor per every task. We will engage into your project at any stage: from creating of prototype idea until final release.

Projects that we have fulfilled

Projects that we have fulfilled

Intaime – it is a service where users upload drawings of their children and order unique jewelry.
RCR – service for booking a hotel room. We have developed a system via which managers can send massive amount of accommodation requests and process them via single-window system.
Japan Gourmett Pass
Service for search of restaurants in Japan. Earlier picking a restaurant in advance was a challenge for tourists since the information was in Japanese only. Our application took care of it. Now one can find a restaurant with menu in any language as well as look up all the information about it and reserve a table in advance.

How we do it

Idea Testing
Week 1
Formulating key hypothesis
Users interviews
Market and competition research
Identifying users' key objectives
Week 2
Design of user flows
Design of key screens
Real users testing
Feed-back processing
Drawing mockups
Week 3

Prototype of all screens
Design UI of key screens
UI-kit development
Preparing mockups for developers
Week 4

Preparing the final product interface
Shaping design system
Preparing documentation and submit it to developers
You will always be aware what stage the project is at. We report on every step and inform about deadlines.

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